Coronavirus Anti-Body Testing

We are now offering Coronavirus (COVID19) Antibody testing!

At Nourishing Medicine, LLC we want to help ensure you are well. We are now offering COVID 19 antibody testing to determine if you have had prior exposure and potential immunity to the Coronavirus. It should be noted that we currently do not know how long immunity to the virus lasts.

How Does Antibody Testing Work?

When you are exposed to a virus or bacteria your body makes antibodies (proteins) in response to it in order to fight off the infection. In the case of the Coronavirus, your body sees the virus as a foreign substance and makes proteins to fight the infection. By doing a blood test we can see if these antibodies are present and thus get an idea of your prior exposure or immunity.

What Are the Antibodies tested?

IgM and IgG are the two types of antibodies tested. IgM antibodies are produced within days of exposure to a foreign substance and circulate for about 2-3 weeks in the body. IgG antibodies are produced approximately 3-4 weeks after the start of an infection. These are the antibodies that produce “memory” of past infection and help prevent future illness from the same infection.

How is Antibody Testing Done?

It is a simple blood test done in our Naperville and Waterman offices with results in as little as 2 days.

Should I have the testing done if I am sick and think I may have the coronavirus?

No. The antibody test is best for people who are not currently sick or have been sick in the past 3-4 weeks and are wondering if the illness was due to Coronavirus.

How do I schedule an appointment and find more information?

Call our office at (630) 479-9355

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Did you know that if you had the Coronavirus, you can save lives by donating your plasma?
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A positive IgG antibody test does not guarantee protection from coronavirus. We are uncertain at what level of IgG and for how long antibodies can be protective. For those reasons, it’s still best practice to follow the usual precautions to help stop the spread of the virus. Also unknown is whether patients can be re-infected with the virus after a period of time. If you start to develop symptoms of COVID-19 like fever, cough, chest tightness, and shortness of breath, do not assume that a positive antibody test means you cannot have the infection.

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